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LPE is a member of the ITSS Capital Group, which was established in 2013 by Company IT Systems & Solutions ( - one of the leading companies in polish market that provides IT solutions which increase productivity, competitiveness and security in IT services.A part of the ITSS Capital Group is also DOSKOMP Sp. z o.o. ( which has over 25 years’ experience in delivering good quality budgeting systems for local government units in Poland.


According to world leading trends, we should note that modern economy is based on knowledge, and common to that employees knowledge is still in change process. At ITSS Capital Group and for it Clients we are dedicated to support educational processes and training.  As an integrator of educational solutions we combine innovative technology and learning solutions with suitably chosen methodology, which allows us to realize traditional & e-learning projects  and also blended learning projects.


We are aware that projects that we implement together with our Customers are the combine elements in technological development and innovation in the management models. That is why our offer as whole ITSS Capital Group is for our Clients always a response to the needs, that through the knowledge and skills of all the companies of the Group fill with the utmost care in many areas simultaneously.

What drives us?

Our Advantages!

We are  a good professional team, which has more than ten years experience in producing different and unique solutions for e-learning, blended learning and traditional teaching projects. We are offering our services to corporate customers, universities, local government units, NGO’s and others. We’ve got also many experience in realizing projects financed from UE founds.

We develop e-learning solutions, we provide the tools and technology for distance learning.

The experience of our consultants, trainers and technology partners allows us to provide our customers comprehensive learning solutions, implemented with using the latest tools and technologies..

We create new quality on the education market.

We are effective in covering the educational needs of our customers.

We approach each project individually.

We care about our partnership with client.

We like when our customers actively participate in projects.




We use only proven and new technologies. This allows us to offer our customers - products and services of the highest quality.



We care about the professional approach to all projects. Our clients affect on the quality of the product that they receive.



We constantly follow global trends in education and if they are proven we implement them at our projects.

Our mission


LPE Sp. z o.o.

Learning Philosophy Experts


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