We offer e-learning dedicated courses, based only on personalized services and solutions. Our team consists of people with the knowledge, unique skills and long-term business experience.


Blended learning combines the advantages of traditional training and e-learning.  This form of blended courses integrates elearning techniques (or technology) with traditional classroom based learning. By optimizing form of communication, adapting training programs to the individual needs of employees, as well as learning styles, this method has an advantage in most of educational clients projects.



As part of the training activities we work with a wide range of domain experts and trainers. They support us in developing the content of e-learning courses and participate in ongoing training of our traditional, workshops and seminars.

Traditional Courses

This new, interesting area of application solutions for cloud computing (Cloud Computing) has also been recognized by business in the management of corporate knowledge, conduct training processes and the use of new communication channels based on cloud learning solutions.

Popularization of cloud solutions, as a new service delivery model is giving companies the chance for the development of home-learning space at low cost. LPE has a good knowledge and experience in this kind of e-learning solutions by being a part of one of the biggest project with this model in Poland.

Learn Cloud


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